Thank you for a Great Coworking Takeover Week!
Pilot Results will be available Mid-May
An Origin Story
How came to be was born from the desire to see a continuation of growth and innovation in High River. 

High River ran the Rural on Purpose Coworking Takeover Week Pilot to help build an ecosystem of support for remote workers and to support local businesses by capitalizing on under-utilized space. 

For one week, High River's downtown core became a coworking hub. Eleven vendors and 40 entrepreneurs took part in the event.  

This website allowed vendors to register for the week, and entrepreneurs to see the participating vendors. 

Today, it remains a communal hub where you can find like-minded movers and shakers in High River living Rural on Purpose, just like you!
Coworking Takeover Week (CTW):
How It Works
1. Be Informed: Check out the businesses registered for CTW on the Participating Vendors page.

2. Plan ahead: Book time in venues you’re interested in working at - or walk-in throughout the week to businesses that don’t require pre-booking.

3. Get Your Swag: When you go to a business to cowork, pick up your Map and Passport (these are also available at CTW HQ - Linden+Oak). 

4. Work, Work, Work: From April 23 - 27, cowork to your heart’s content!

5. Get Stamped: Get your passport stamped (or otherwise marked) at each venue you visit.

6. Take a Selfie: Remember to snap selfies at as many Selfie Spots as possible, then get your Passport stamped at 
Highwood Printing Inc. 

7. Vote: On the back of your passport, vote for the vendor you believed to be the “best participating business”. 

8. Help a Vendor Win: The vendor votes will be tallied, and the vendor with the most votes will win up to $500 in high speed Internet services! 

9.Hand in Your Passport: Submit your passport to CTW HQ: Linden+Oak.

10. WIN: Once submitted, your passport is your ballot in the draw for a $500 gift certificate towards marketing services by Freshly Pressed!

11. Stay Tuned: CTW is wrapped - stay tuned for a Final Report.
Want to Run a Coworking Takeover Week of Your Own?
Contact Rural on Purpose to talk Pilots. 
Looking For More?
Watch the videos below for more detailed information about the Pilot.
WHAT'S coworking and 
WHY is it important?
The Pilot 
and The Challenge.
Get your Rural on Purpose Tees here!
Get Your Swag ON! 
Official  COWORKING TAKEOVER T-SHIRTS are available for purchase at Coworking Takeover Week Headquarters: Linden + Oak
Linden + Oak
#105 303 9th Ave
High River, AB 
Would you like to see coworking options in High River?
Tell us what you want by completing the entrepreneur survey.
BOOTS on the GROUND Opportunities
Want to get involved and contribute in a "boots on the ground" way?
This is a community led project and we invite anyone in and around the community to roll up their sleeves and give us a hand. 

Here's what we need help with - contact us at and we'll take it off our list. 

If you would like to help in another way...we would LOVE that! 
Email us and let us know. 
  •  Guest Bloggers 
  •  Putting up Posters
  •  Spreading the Word 
Linden + Oak
Why Linden + Oak signed up! 

When we were approached with the opportunity to become a Vendor for the community CoWork Pilot TakeOver Week, we were ALL in, because our vision and concept for Linden and Oak was to always be a co-working space, as we are located in the Charles Clark Medical Centre, and local to so many free-lancers and local entrepreneurs in the surrounding area, so it only made sense to optimize the micro-space we occupy for those individuals needing a positive space to connect with others. 

And then we continued learning all about Rural On Purpose, and it was just something my husband, Matt and I identified with immediately, because we actually do live Rural On Purpose. We prefer small towns and connection with the community and this is something we have always wanted to see in High River! We love the feeling of community and we see everyday how hard working High River really is, so we have always needed spaces to work together to throw ideas out, collaborate, or simply just learning from one another and what is working for our community in High River. 

This is going to be epic for the town, as High River is an up and coming small town outside of the city and this is going to open so many doors for all of our business owners in the community, from Ashley herself at Freshly Pressed to even how we implement use of our space at Linden and Oak, and any free-lancers and bloggers out there like A Lush Life or even new businesses like White Bull and Doug Mitchell Photography that are just a year old! It builds support systems that we haven’t experienced yet in High River and will just show how much strength there is in living Rural on Purpose.
Foothills SNAPS ~ Orvella Small
Co-working Week

So you’re looking for a place to start up your business? Or even occupy space in High River. You too can be a leader in accessible business practices. It benefits everyone when your business is inclusive. Here are a few examples of what to look for when universal design is implemented:
The Space: is the building accessible for all? People with mobility challenges may need a ramp, are the bathrooms accessible for a person who uses a wheelchair or walker? Are the desks or counters well-spaced?

Signage: Large print or high contrast for those with vision challenges

Lighting in the building: natural or bright light

Alternate print material or marketing material: comes in a variety of formats such as high contrast, large print or Braille

Attitude: a positive, welcoming attitude goes a long way in accommodating your customers

Website: be committed to making your website accessible to all regardless of technology or ability and to ensure it displays correctly in current browsers and is compatible across different assistive technologies.

Captioning services: Captioning is effective for the deaf or hard of hearing, but also for people with certain types of learning disabilities and individuals whose first language is not English.

An inclusive society is one in which every citizen is welcome to participate in all aspects of everyday life in the community. To be inclusive, the environment has to be accessible to all citizens. Integrating universal design into any developments and projects so that environments are useable, functional and accessible to everyone, is the secret to a successful business.

In terms of Accessibility and Inclusivity she is meaning everyone included, including those in wheel chairs and with disabilities, older folks, etc
Art and Soul Gallery ~ Annie and Herb Froese
What is it like to work in a Creative Space?
Experience what an Art Gallery has to offer!
We look forward to welcoming our freelancers and home-based business remote workers to experience our space for the Pilot Program of Coworking Takeover Week. 

Our 1905 home offers many different rooms, on two floors, to accommodate your needs. You can sit around our antique 1940’s Lodge table for a larger meeting of the minds or choose one of the three tables (pictured above) in our bright sun-filled middle gallery room. We also have 2 large rooms upstairs that can accommodate a quiet space or more meeting rooms. 


As an Artist I know the problem that comes from being “blocked” or stressed so I will have a little creativity centre set up where you can go to to move to right-brain activity and work your “imagination” and “think- outside-the-box” side of the brain. 

I will also be offering 2 fun drop-in creativity sessions twice a day. (Absolutely NO experience required) They will be running at 12:30pm and 2:00pm. All supplies will be included. It will last an hour and your cost is $10.00/session. I promise you will enjoy the exercise!


We are also offering our famous home-baked pies for sale by the slice. $5.00. We will have 1-3 flavour options each day, as well as ginger cookies and whoopee pie! Coffee and Tea will be available as well as a selection of soft drinks.

We will be open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday of this pilot program.

There is no fee to use the space at this time. 

We have: 
internet service
2 washrooms
Wheelchair access
Lots of Natural Light
Lovely outdoor porch space (tables and a couch)
Highwood Printing is next door
Beautiful ambiance with all that gorgeous artwork on the walls 
Good parking
1 block walk from George Lane Park and you have easy walking access to everything in downtown!

You can drop in but if you plan to come we would love to know. You can text me at (403) 422-3344 and leave your name and e-mail and let me know what day, and what time you plan to come by. You can also e-mail me at

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Gallery! 

Annie and Herb Froese
120 - 6th Avenue SW, High River
Accomplished in collaboration with our Community Partners:
Fabulous Website Photos taken in High River by Dani Groeneveld
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